5 Real Reasons Why It’s More Fun To Date A “Momo” Than A Slim Woman

5 Real Reasons Why It’s More Fun To Date A “Momo” Than...

After consulting the wisest men I know, I came up with a list of reasons why real men date momos. And incase you are joining us from whichever rock you crawled out of, allow me to explain just what a momo is -or more aptly, who a momo is.


A momo is a f@t woman. Let us not lie to each other that Kenyan men really are discerning of the difference between a size 8 lass and a f@t one (I can just feel the angry eyes boring through my skull as every f@t girl reads this).

Actually, that brings me to a question I have always wanted to ask; do you know why it is alright for lasses to call me skinny but the minute I call them f@t they lose their cool? Because in proper society, a rich man has no right to mock a poor man.

But I digress. So here they are, the 5 real reasons why men find it alot more fun to date momos than they do dating “slim body gyals“: