Ladies: Learn What Your P3riods Say About Your Health! Amazing Facts

Ladies: Learn What Your P3riods Say About Your Health! Amazi...

If you are taking birth control then light flow is self-explanatory but if you are not on birth control or any other non-hormonal IUD and you are using nothing more than a panty liner than you are most probably having hormonal disbalance. Dr. Adelaide Nardone, clinical OBGYN instructor at Brown University, says that if your p3riod is super light, you might have a problem with your thyroid or pituitary gland.

#2 Unexpected ble3ding during p3riods can be due to c3rvical or uterine polyps.

Any unexpected and unrelated ble3ding to your normal cycle is called breakthrough ble3ding. If you are on a b1rth control pill, this is a normal side-effect. Although, if you are not a pill user, you should definitely talk to your gynecologist regarding it because these breakthrough ble3ding could be an indication of c3rvical or uterine polyps, which is the result of too much estrogen in your body.