Revealed: These Are The 10 Worst Types Of Chics To Date In Kenya’s Major Towns! Number 2, 4, 5 And 9 Are Very Common

Revealed: These Are The 10 Worst Types Of Chics To Date In K...

The inevitable breakup: She starts catching feelings when she realizes you are doing better in your career yet you aren’t helping her develop hers in any way. She eventually quits to hook up with a big shot somewhere


3. The Intern

Place of residence : Still lives with her parents or is renting a place with two of her friends along Thika Road


Her life: She dresses nicely despite not getting paid. She loves her job so much and is looking to get hired at the same company after she finishes her internship.

Your first date: She meets you in town after she finishes up work at 5pm. You’re super impressed by how well she keeps her appearance, she talks about work a lot, but you think her glasses are hot. Surprisingly, she likes her booze and you finish up the night buying Guarana for her at one of the lounges.

The inevitable breakup: She gets hired and shortly after she starts asking you about your career plans. She starts being unavailable quite often. You late learn that she’s banging one of her bosses. That’s why she got a job so quickly.

4. The ‘fresh outta high school’ chic

Place f residence: Any hood (with her parents , auntie or bigger sister)

Her life: She is excited about joining campus soon. She also has a lot of free time on her hands hence she wants to have fun.