This Is What The Late Fidel Odinga Did To Size 8 That She Will Never Forget The Whole Of Her Life!!

This Is What The Late Fidel Odinga Did To Size 8 That She Wi...

Size 8 was completely penniless and couldn’t even afford to raise the other half. Help came in for her inform of Steve Muendo who called her to inquire about rumors that were circulating around she had quit music. She told Muendo she didn’t have any cash to record a song and that was why she was opting out of music.

Steve Muendo surprisingly decided to give her the 5,000 which Size 8 asked him to send to Steve Jomino to record the audio with. “Fire” eventually was recorded and started playing on the radio where it received enormous air play.

Size 8 further disclosed Steve Jomino connected her with SK Blue (founder Sakata Media) who was to shoot the video. SK initially demanded 120,000 for the video but upon hearing Size 8 was a very poor girl from Eastlands, he reduced the price to 70,000.

With zero cash in her pockets, it was Steve Jomino who was her savior again; Steve paid 25,000 for her and asked her to raise the remaining 45,000. Raising the money was like going to the moon for Size 8; she, a mere pauper, had no way to raise the cash.